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The Making of Nineteen Ninety-Three

Experience the gripping narrative of '1993,' a compelling short film that draws inspiration from a poignant spoken word piece featured in the book 'Pieces Of The Puzzle' by the talented poet, Nicole Serrato.

Immerse yourself in the life of Amy, a resilient 23-year-old who discovers the transformative power of boxing as she grapples with the unresolved anger and pain stemming from her mother's tragic, unsolved murder.

This emotionally charged story is rooted in reality, depicting the harrowing events of the character's mother's murder in the fateful year of '1993.' The title serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring nature of anger and pain, persisting for 24 years in this gripping tale of resilience and healing.



Jasmin Marsters.jpg

Jasmin Marsters


Jasmin is an actress, writer and award-winning filmmaker. She's deeply passionate about giving back to the entertainment industry that inspired her early on and completely changed the course of her life.  "It is important that we support women in film and create powerful content through the female lens. I'm thrilled to be a part of this revolution."

Nicole Serrato

Nicole Serrato

Producer & Screenwriter

Formerly in finance, Nicole transitioned to writing and embarked on a creative journey. In 2014, she explored modeling, acting, and attended Anthony Gilardi's acting studio. Inspired by her coach and peers, she initiated the "Eastside Poetry" open mic and published her poetry collection, "Pieces Of The Puzzle."

In 2017, she brought the poem "Nineteen Ninety-Three" to life in a film.

Nicole's passion lies in using film to explore psychology, mental health, empathy, and the human condition, aiming to share compelling stories.

Arman Zajic.jpg

Arman Zajic


Arman has worked on more than 10 Feature Films as a Director of Photography and Gaffer with the likes of Chazz Palminteri, Steve Guttenberg, William Fichtner, Daryl Hannah, Michael Jai White, Dionne Warwick, Mario Van Peebles & Jean-Claude Van Damme to name a few.

Arman's goal is to create images through unconventional stories that are thought-provoking and relevant that will affect the viewer on an emotional and subliminal level.

Jordan Liebowitz

Jordan Liebowitz

Assistant Director and


Rachael Lovinger

Rachael Lovinger

Set Designer

Elena Ferranti

Elena Ferranti

Costume Designer

Annette Serrato

Annette Serrato

Makeup Artist

1993 Short Film Kyle McLane Jenna Bleecker Amaya Islas_edited.jpg

Kyle Mclane

Sound Mixer and

Boom Operator

Chen Chen.jpg

Chen Chen

Production Assistant

April Jordan.jpg

April Jordan

Production Assistant

Johnny Alexander.jpg

Johnny Alexander

Stunt Coordinator

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